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Herbal Salves:

Boo-Boo Salve - For Cuts and Scrapes
Named for those little boo-boos that cause scrapes, scratches or cuts. This salve is specially formulated to help cuts heal faster, help stop bleeding from cuts and help keep cuts free from bacteria.
Warrior Rub - For Muscle Sprains, Bruises and Stress Fractures in Bones

Having a black belt for a daughter, a salve was needed that would help heal the bruises, muscle sprains and stress fractures from kicking and punching. This rub has just the ingredients to help bruises heal, help muscles relax and help bones to mend.

Got Me Salve - For Insect and Tick Bites

Insects, bees and ticks bite hard and leave you saying, "He got me!" They can also leave behind a red, itchy, painful irritated area. This salve is specially formulated to help relieve these symptoms and to help heal the area.

Sizzle Salve - For Burns, Including Sunburns

As a child, I often suffered with severe sunburn after overexposure. My mom's rememdy involved stinky vinegar baths that often stung my sunburn. This salve is meant to help cool the pain of sunburn as well as burns caused by contact with hot surfaces. 


Itch Ditch Salve - For Rashes and Itching, Including Poison Ivy and Oak

Having a husband that is highly allergic to poison ivy, a salve was needed that would help heal the oozing rashes left from poisonous plants. This salve contains the necessary ingredients to help relieve the itch, dry up the rash and ease the pain

Poison Ivy (2).jpg


I have used boo boo salve for busted knuckles, razor cuts and even when chaffed in certain area's and it works great. I keep a tin with me all the time when I'm out working. I highly recommend it.

HM of Asheboro

AB of Asheboro

My husband is bed riden with a feeding tube. The area around the tube gets red and infected. I tried the over the counter medicines but nothing would clear it up. So I tried some boo boo salve and it cleared it up the next day. Im a firm believer in A Little Salvey salves. I keep a good supply on hand. And I would also highly recommend any of the salves.

AB of Asheboro

Drawing Salve - For Drawing out Splinters, Boils, Metal Shavings and Glass Slivers

Splinters are a job hazard to a wood splitter. Often they get embedded and infected. Drawing salves have an almost ancient history is helping the body to expel foreign objects, such as splinters, metal shavings and glass slivers. It's said to work on boils too. This salve contains ingredients found in those old drawing salves to help pull out the foreign object or boil.


Bum Bum Balm - For Diaper Rashes

For the parent looking for a natural alternative to best selling diaper rash treatments, this balm may be your alternative. It contains ingredients that will help heal the rash while being sensitive to a baby's delicate skin. 

Temple Tantrum Salve - For Headaches and Migraines

Headaches come on because of stress, fatigue or a dozen other reasons. With ingredients to relax muscles and essential oils to enhance well-being, this salve can help alleviate headaches.

Emergecare Lip Repair - For dry, crack lips

Over exposure to sun and to the cold can cause lips to become dry, cracked and even to bleed. With ingredients to moisturize lips as well as aid healing, this lip balm can restore your lips to a "kissable" state!

Choco-Mint Bliss - For lip protection

Who doesn't just love chocolate! This lip balm has REAL chocolate chips in it along with moisturizers to protect your lips from the elements.

La-Lavada Lip Balm - For lip protection

Lavender and Peppermint Lip balm to protect lips.

Fungal Fighter - For Athlete's Foot, Ringworm, Jock Itch

Athlete's foot, jock itch and ringworm are fungal infections caused by tinea. This salve contains the ingredients to help kill fungal infections and relieve the itching and pain associated with these infections. 

AromaRub - For Chest Colds

Breathe easier with the ingredients in this rub. Essential oils help to open bronchial passageways and relieve congestion.

Derma Balm - For Dry, Cracked Skin

Winter's cold, harsh soaps and lack of moisture can result in dry, cracked skin. Derma Balm is specially formulated to heal cracked skin and put back lost moisture.

Coming Soon!

Scar Gone - For Scars

Scar Gone is specially formulated to help get rid of scars left behind by surgery or injury. It contains ingredients that helps skin regenerate and helps reduce inflammation.

Zit Zapper - For Acne

Acne cripples self-esteem by making its mark on the first place people look - the face. Of course, acne can occur anywhere. This salve is specially formulated to help fight the bacteria that causes acne while absorbing dirt and oils. 

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