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Use on burns, including sunburns.

Sizzle Salve

  • Contains Echinacea to help fight viruses, Comfrey to aid healing, Calendula to help prevent inflamation, Plantain to help reduce irritation, St. John's Wort to help expel mucous, Black Tea Leaves to help remove the heat, Aloe Vera to help relieve pain, Collodial Silver to help reduce inflammation, Vitamin E Oil to aid in healing and Peppermint Essential Oil for a cooling effect. Also contains Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Beeswax as emollients.

  • Comfrey can aid healing

    Witch Hazel can reduce swelling

    Echinacea can help fight viruses

    Plantain can help reduce irritation

    St. John's Wort can help expel mucous

    Black Tea Leaves can help remove the heat

    Aloe Vera can help relieve pain

    Collodial Silver can help reduce inflammation

    Vitamin E Oil can aid in healing

    Peppermint Essential Oil can add a cooling effect

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